PAH is a fatal rare disease whose number of patients is reported about 3,900 in Japan, but still with low awareness.
To optimize treatment, however, the patients should regularly take the ‘6-minute walk test’ which is one of the most suffocating and desperate times in their life as well as reminds them of their fatal aloneness.
“6 Minutes Together” had started by focusing on the “6 minutes” to empower PAH patients and raise awareness of PAH in society.


Changing “6 Minutes” means changing their life


The ‘6 Minutes Together’ is an original music playlist designed together with a PAH specialist which aims to transform 6 minutes of aloneness into 6 minutes of togetherness.
By collaborating with Spotify, forty songs out of a vast of list in Japan and around the world were selected which play exactly in 6 minutes with lyrics that empower PAH patients. Beats Per Minute of each song was approved by a PAH specialist, Professor Tamura, to comply with patients’ walking speed practically. The specialist also provided a 6-minute audio of medical tips. The highlight of the playlist was an original song titled ‘6 Minutes’ which was directly written for PAH patients by one of Japan’s most popular artists, Yo Hitoto. Lyrics of the song remind patients that they are not alone, while widely promoting understandings and interests of the rare disease in the society.

This project unlocked the potential of music becoming a new prescription for the patients’ lives.