Interest in health continue to grow both around the world and in Japan, with many more people taking health-driven behavior. Fundamentally, we are all interested in taking better care of our mental and physical health. However, living in this busy era, not all can put aside enough time for this. Commuting is one part of this busy everyday life, and a person living in metropolitan Tokyo spends 2 hours on average commuting to and from work by train. JR East Japan and McCann Health explored the possibility of generating a new value to trains as we shift to the era of MaaS.


A place of travel can become a place for personal growth


‘TRAIN’ing is a fitness application specialized for use on trains, which aims to offer an innovative value to trains by changing it into a place of personal growth.
The J-beacon technology installed in the latest Yamanote Line trains are combined with the user’s boarding time, location and train congestion data, to offer a personalized training program optimal for the user. The application is also designed to make train travel more convenient, such as by informing the user on the least congested train carriage optimal for training before boarding, or notifying the user when their station is approaching.
The 87 unique fitness programs in the application were designed in collaboration with Fitness Club JEXER. The training instructions are fully voice-guided and the user can choose a program which best suits their interest from the 4 options of, physical training (Strength/Stretches) or mental training (Meditation/Mindfulness).

Personal growth, anywhere, anytime.