According to UNICEF, 6000 children die every day in developing countries from infectious diseases – often transmitted through dirty hands. This Inspired ANGFA, a Japanese health and hygiene company to take the Japanese sales of their germicidal soap and ‘gift’ the same amount to the children of Cambodia – where handwashing is not a part of the culture. But soap wasn’t enough – they needed to educate the children that soap doesn’t just clean their hands – it can also protect their futures.


Handwashing is more than hygiene. It also escalates our potential.


Introducing the Washable Book, a low-tech innovation that transforms reading into a physical learning to inspire behavioral change. The book’s characters reach their colorful futures only by having their dirty hands physically washed on the pages. The repeated action helps the children make the connection between handwashing and reaching their future goals. In Cambodia as well as in many other developing countries, illiteracy is a common problem and digital infrastructure is still limited. The Washable Book has no words in its story so that every child can learn the importance of handwashing intuitively and equally beyond each literacy level.